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ENAUSYS provides integrated solutions in the field of energy efficiency in the industrial sector. Focused on the operating costs and the needs of your industrial unit, we achieve optimum results and the maximum ROI (Return On Investment).                                  

Indicative suggestions for the industrial sector are:

  • Power quality studies
  • Installing compensation systems and eliminating harmonic currents, in order to reduce the generated reactive power (improvement of cosφ)
  • Co-generation of electricity and heat
  • Investigating and solving energy loss problems of the electromechanical (E/M) systems (poor cable insulation, electrical overheating etc.)
  • Power generation from renewable sources (solar, geothermal, etc.) in order to cover your energy needs
  • Upgrade/replacement heating – ventilation - air conditioning (HVAC) systems

We offer to your industry, unsurpassed capabilities at every operation stage (MANAGEMENT - ENGINEERING - INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION - LOGISTICS). At the same time, operational costs will be reduced and your industry operation will be much more convenient. The results are visible and measurable from the very first day.