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Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)  is one of the most important energy saving/ management tools in a modern building. The use of an energy monitoring system offers:

  • Recording of all energy data (consumption of electricity, gas, water, etc.)
  • Visualization of energy consumption trends (eg daily / monthly / annual consumption, current consumption, etc.)
  • Energy waste reduction up to 20%, by identifying "hidden" energy consumption
  • Accurate cash-flow planning, by determining future energy costs
  • Early identification of equipment malfunctions to avoid big equipment damages
  • Energy Efficient Alarms (e.g. when unexpected consumption is detected)


ENAUSYS offers its customers:

  • Energy monitoring software, already used in many other cases (municipalities, hospitals, supermarket, etc.)
  • Customised software according to your personal needs
  • Web portal, for easily accessing all the data from a web browser
  • Safe Cloud storage
  • Extensive energy reports, where all your energy consumption is  analyzed by specialized engineers
  • Energy saving solutions