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ENAUSYS provides integrated solutions in the field of energy efficiency and building management systems.                                                          

Indicative suggestions for upgrading your building or designing a new Zero  Energy Building (ZEB) are:

  • Designing all the Electro-mechanical systems focused on providing a ZEB & “Smart” Building
  • Investigating and solving energy loss problems of the HVAC systems (limitation of uncontrolled operation, boiler control, installing VRV systems or Heat Pumps, optimum sequence control of different heat sources etc.)
  • Investigating and solving energy loss problems due to building envelope (e.g. poor heat insulation, signs of moisture, thermal bridges etc.)
  • Central management of all the E/M systems & energy monitoring by using “smart”- meters to improve energy savings
  • Automatic control of all the areas and processes according to everyday needs (e.g.  temperature sensors, human presence, etc.)
  • Energy generation from renewable sources (solar, geothermal, etc.) in order to cover your daily energy needs
  • Reduced lighting consumption (by using environmental friendly lamps e.g. LEDs, lighting sensors  etc.)


Your building will be highly functional and acquire a new behavior. Operation costs will be reduced and your house will acquire an environmental friendly footprint. The results are visible and measurable from the very first day.