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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) energy consumption in buildings, account for a large amount of the total building energy consumption.  Every building (commercial, industrial, hotel etc.) has different heating/ cooling profiles. Consequently, the final design and installation of HVAC systems is very important in order to cover all the needs efficiently.

ENAUSYS, with its experienced engineers, offers unique:

Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions

  • Heat pumps (air to air, air to water etc.)
  • VRV/ VRF air conditioners
  • Condensing boilers (gas/oil)
  • Absorption coolers
  • Heat recovery ventilation sytems
  • etc

Turn key Solutions

  • Due diligence (Feasibility analysis and Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Complete design by specialised engineers
  • Full equipment supply
  • HVAC Installation by experienced technicians
  • Project Commissioning and Start-up
  • Yearly warranty contracts (maintenance, monitoring (see BMS) etc.)