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Smart Green Building

Energy saving is the most essential element of viable and sustainable development of your business. ENAUSYS designs buildings (new and existing) based on the axiom of triple – 0. That means Zero Energy Consumption - Zero Emissions - Zero Waste. A three-step procedure is carried out in order to achive these objectives.

1st step: Minimization of energy loses

  • Analyzing building envelope for the determination of poor heat insulation, signs of moisture, thermal bridges etc.
  • Bioclimatic design in order to achieve best isolation, shading and natural ventilation conditions via building architecture  
  • Voltage and current quality improvement, in order to reduce energy consumption

2nd step: Energy efficient electro-mechanical equipment

  • PID control (boiler control, recirculation DHW, optimum set points in HVAC systems, etc.)
  • Installing energy efficient HVAC equipment (VRV systems, heat pumps, inverter circulators, etc.)
  • Focusing on energy monitoring to achieve continuous control of the system 
  • Using LED for indoor and outdoor lighting

3rd step: Renewable Energy Sources

  • Energy generation from renewable sources (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal)
  • Cogeneration heat  and power (CHP)

& many other solutions focused on your building’s demands.

Based on all the above, we provide a comprehensive proposal which presents the optimum energy management of your building.