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Future buildings should operate automatically and save time and money, due to the continually increasing needs and the optimization of electronic systems. In other words, future buildings must be “smart”. Talking about BMS, we essentially refer to the central management of all E/M equipment (existing and new) of a building. E/M equipment is controlled via a central computer or can operate automatically.

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ENAUSYS can provide full implementation of a BMS (supply, installation, programming, staff training).

  • Boiler & DHW (valve control, flow control, inverter circulators, etc.)
  • HVAC systems (improving cooling/heating /ventilation through temperature control, weather forecasting, window control and many other procedures)
  • Energy metering (using smart energy meters, user friendly software etc.)
  • Lighting (dimming depending on room brightness, lighting scenarios, motion control etc.)
  • Shading systems (blind/roller shutter moving depending on the time, the daylight or in case of strong winds)
  • Security systems (cameras, CCTV, alarms, fire detection, flood detection, access control, etc.)
  • Many other systems like audio-video, telephony, automatic watering, etc.


  • Central control of all E/M systems
  • Optimum energy efficiency = reduced operational costs
  • Optimum comfort conditions
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Optimum safety, via direct control of all emergency systems
  • Remote control of the building from anywhere in the world via smartphones/tablets
  • Operational scenarios (e.g. automated procedures depending on weather conditions, lighting scenarios)
  • Immediate fault detection = reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy profile recording and BMS reconfiguration for higher energy savings
  • System expendability, according to your future needs

Based on the axiom Comfort & Convenience, Security, Energy Efficiency, we transform your building into a real smart building.